Common Questions

This bit is entirely up to you! You can provide backing tracks, or play an instrument...all up to you but we would need to know before the event. Whilst we cannot provide instruments to play, so you must use your own, we can provide the facility to perform with them, or just to play your backing track!

It is completely free to enter Live: Ferndown.

In 2019 the Heats were held at the Forest Inn, Forest Links Road, Ferndown BH22 9PH, situated at Ferndown Golf Course. We have yet to confirm a venue for 2020.

The Final of Live: Ferndown 2019 was held at the Barrington Theatre, in the Barrington Centre, Ferndown on Friday 12th April 2019. We have yet to confirm a venue for 2020.

All finalists will only sing up to 3 songs, during the heats you may also be required to sing up to 3 songs, depending on time available.

Prizes have yet to be confirmed, but in recent years Winners have received a cash prize, photoshoots, recording time and much more.