Heat 1 - Friday Jan 25th 2019

We had the first heat for 2019 on the 25th January, and a packed night it was too. It was great to see so many people come along to the Forest Inn and watch the 5 great Contestants that came along to show their talents off.

Sound & Lighting provided by Matt Griffiths, aided by Steve Macleod.

Photos on this page courtesy of Oak Photography.

The 5 Contestants were (in order of performance):

Kez Hinton
Jack Rideout
Megan Hill
Lauren Perkins 
Laura Hicks

The night was laid back, ran as an Open Mic night, hosted by Chrissyferkin. Our two Judges for the evening were Jenny Oag and Adam Jackson-Gane.

The evening was kicked off by the very talented Kez Hinton, performing 3 acoustic songs, some of which were original music that he has written, followed by the laid back 17 Yr old Jack Rideout, who performed 3 acoustic numbers, wowing the judges with his professional performance.

16 Yr old Megan Hill was next up, with her powerful, clear voice, proudly watched by her father in the audience.

Then it was the turn of 15 Yr old Lauren Perkins, complete with guitar, to keep the acoustic feeling flowing. Finally Laura Hicks finished the session off, dedicating her last song ‘Landslide’ to Live: Ferndown’s founder, the late Steve Lugg.

Because the standards of the performances were so high, it was decided to put all 5 contestants through to the Final on the 12th April, with Jack gaining the highest score overall on the evening.

Two of our Grand Final judges were in the audience, thoroughly enjoying the evening. They were Steve Saville from Forest FM and Ian ‘ Ben’ Bennett from Potato Pants Festival.