Heat 2 - Friday 15th Feb 2019

We had the second heat for 2019 on the 15th February, again drawing in the crowds. Yet again it was fab  to see so many people at the Forest Inn and watch the 6 great Contestants that came along to our 2nd heat!

Sound & Lighting provided by Matt Griffiths, aided by Steve Macleod.

Photos on this page courtesy of Oak Photography.

The 6 Contestants were (in order of performance):

Calvin Glen
Hannah Gough
Fleur Lindsay
Tori Allen
Nia Nicholls
Gracie Park

We kept the same format, running the night as an open mic, very relaxed and hosted by Chrissyferkin. Our two Judges for the evening were Jenny Oag and Ian ‘Ben’ Bennett.

We started the evening with the very talented Calvin Glen, performing 2 musical numbers, finishing off with a hilarious performance of ‘Sweet Transvestite’ from Rocky Horror, followed by the big voice of Hannah Gough who performed 3 powerful numbers.

Fleur Lindsay was next up, performing 3 powerful numbers, with her family in attendance.

Next up, the nearly 18yr old Tori Allen, complete with guitar, despite our Host’s best efforts to auction it off, followed by Nia Nicholls, also with her guitar, bringing a country feel to the evening, sprinkled with a hint of Taylor Swift.

Last, but by no means least, Gracie Park finished the evening off, this young lady showing off her clear vocals, concluding the performances

Because the standards of the performances were again so high, it was decided to put all 6 contestants through to the Final on the 12th April, with Calvin & Nia gaining the highest scores overall on the evening.

The evening was attended again by Cathy Lugg, the wife of our late founder Steve Lugg, as well as their son Rhys.